Why I stopped Worrying and started Loving The Sunrise

Sunrise in Abu Dhabi Desert
An Enchanting Sunrise in the Deserts of Abu Dhabi (Click to enlarge)

The road is deserted. The downhill landscape invites your adrenaline to work hard on your bicycle. Reaching full speed you stand up on the paddles and close your eyes to feel the music of air floating through your ears.

You are encapsulated in the Symphony when suddenly you hear your Mom calling

Its  M..O..R..N..I..N..G  ….. Get Up and Get Ready for School”.

MORNING ???      Puzzled and Confused for a moment, before you realize that it was just a dream and in reality you are just staring at your melancholy ceiling fan throwing frozen air at you.
Its Morning” – those were the first words I used to hear every day.  I grew a disliking for these words, often wondering “Why does the stupid sun has to rise so early”? The fact that people considered the rising sun as an artistic wonder of nature, used to burn me to the core. What a propaganda … I see nothing worth feeling enchanted about this ugly bloody sun, who used to break my dreams  and bring me back to face the hard realities of the world.
Time passed … I left school and joined a college away from home. College life was a completely different ballgame altogether. But the mornings used to be the same ugly ones. The only thing that changed was the sweet sound of my mom replaced by the “beep … beep … beep …. beep … beep” melancholy of my alarm clock.
Time went on its course faster and faster every day.  Now I am a professional working in a so and so MNC company. Doing a night shift was never my motivation but here is LIFE – always there to spank you up, from all possible directions.
Well, my day starts when everybody’s ends – not a single soul (except my driver) for over 20 kms to hear me scream or sing.
Being a nocturnal, I am a witness to the many shades of black the sky paints itself, with every passing minute. At dawn you can feel the world changing around you. The first signs come from the skies – all blushing in shiny black, as if it has just applied makeup to meet its long lost love – the Sun.
The shiny black color then gives way to various progressive lighter gray shades. Gradually redness starts to show up in the east. Specks of clouds on the horizon when receives the first rays of the Sun produces an encapsulating aura around them. Gradually the sun peeps from the horizon – all blushing and red with shyness.
Unlike at any other time of the day, you start staring at the red sun just above the horizon and start wondering about its gigantic size and above all the devouring capabilities it possess. Yet it looks so calm, so humble, so pure, concealing all the turmoil within it.
The sight is Awesome …. Its Breathtaking … its Heavenly … 

WOW … Who will not Love it ???
Now I realize – what I had missed all those years of my life, whining about the sun, the mornings and the sunrise.

There is a Sunrise and a Sunset every single day of the week, and most importantly they’re absolutely free, so don’t miss any of them.

Are you a morning person  – What are your first thoughts when you realize that it’s Morning ? 
 Do Comment … Would Love to hear your side of the story …
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