Thousands of kilometers Away from Home!

Every morning millions of people wake up to a new day. While some get bogged down by the obstacles they encounter others take them as a challenge and built castles out of whatever stones life throws at them.  Winston Churchill rightly said – “A Pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”.
Yes later are the people to be.  They are “The Optimists” – For them the world can be ugly but it’s beautiful?
I work in the Middle East, 1000s of kilometers away from my sweet, loving and carefree home. On the contrary each and every day of my work is full of challenges. On a rare good day it’s only the traffic on my way to work that can be a problem. But the most frequent days are the bad days which possess infinite range of permutation of troubles coming through my Boss, my teammates or my clients. To test your endurance level there is “Time” always running fast when you need them the most and moving like a snail towards your vacation date.
The only positive hours that I look forward to during the whole days is the evening time when I come back from my work and call my home to hear the sweet caring voice of my family and friends on the other end. At a snail-pace Hours, days, weeks, Months pass. Slowly but surely your thoughts start filling with negativeness.
Finally my vacation days arrives. It’s feels like the best day of my life. You travel all around the world but return back to your home to find happiness. The first glimpse of your loved ones that you see at the airport will be a pinch on the balloon of negativities and soon it deflates away. The tears of joy in your Mother’s eye, the care and hugs of your Father, the smiles of your brothers are the moments of life to live for.
Few things in the World are more powerful than a positive push, A smile, A word of optimism and hope, A ‘You can do it’ when things are tough. – Richard M. DeVos
All the hardships all the troubles and all the fears that were bundling up for the last few months seem nothings in front of the ‘Present’. Seeing all the happiness and love around you feel motivated to work and toil hard so that those beautiful smiles never leave the faces of your loved ones.
Negative events and situations generally affect a limited aspect of your life, are always temporary and more importantly manageable.  You can either accept defeat and suffer or take it as a challenge and wait for them to pass and enjoy the benefits later. The days of suffering may be tough and unbearable but once they are through the sweet fragrance of success and achievement will fill your life. The taste of water is the sweetest to those who are lost in the desert without any water; food tastes good only to those who were hungry. You can truly appreciate and enjoy the good days only when you have suffered through the bad days in life.

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