Taking care | Beacuse you deserve a Wonderful journey!

More than 7 billion lucky people of this planet woke up today to see another marvelous day of their life. In their last night’s dreams some of them revisited the older happier days while others experienced happier future possibilities.

Each individual is as common, and as unique as sand grains in a Desert – all of them want to have a life with mental, physical and emotional well being, but each of them approach it in their own unique ways.

In this race for their dreams, every individual is so engulfed in fighting the realities of life that often overlook the bad signals, flashing around them waiting for attention. We often consider them trivial and leave them for the future and realize the grave blunder done, only when its too late.

I recall a story that I read during my School days about a Dutch boy , who saves his country by putting his finger in a leaking dike. The wet boy had to stay there all night, in spite of the freezing cold, until the adults of the village found him in the morning and made the necessary repairs. 

What a better story than this one to show the importance of taking actions at the first sign of warning.
He might have thought that – ‘Its just a small hole, it will cause no harm‘ or ‘I am just a boy‘ or ‘Why should I care about it – some one else will also see the hole and take care‘ or ‘I should run to my village and take the help of some elders‘.

Who knows by the time he went back to inform his village it would have already been too late. So, he put his finger in the hole to stop the leak and prevented it from getting bigger and saved his village from perishing in the likely flood.

Our body is a million times more complex than any machine designed by man. But it is never as irresponsible as your laptop that suddenly goes blank one day and you loose all your stuff or like your car which without any reason would suddenly won’t start in the morning as you are getting late for work.

Our body is so carefully designed and developed that it will always give you warning signals of possible problems. But you have to be attentive to listen to those signals and make a stitch, before its too late.

You can’t change the things that you did in the past, but you can definitely change yourself, to make a beautiful future. So the next time you see any Warning Sign –

Stop and take Action, because You ‘Deserve a Wonderful Future’

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