Imagination can get you anywhere!

The Lost Imagination.

During the last decade the world has changed a lot maybe more than in the past 50 years. There is great boom in Science. New technologies are being developed with every blink of an eye. We have developed lots of gadgets to make our life easier, comfortable and smoother.

Roads , shopping malls, housing complexes have slowly filled up our backyard with little space for kids to Explore, Play and Learn. Modern day competition in the educational front has pushed any scope for outdoor or indoor extracurricular activities on the back-foot. Any spare time left after schools and coaching are generally dedicated to playing on modern gadgets like mobile phones, video games and televisions.

Brain is a very peculiar organ. The more it is used the sharper, the more focused and the more developed it becomes. The latest lifestyle has left no scope for imagination and creativity that are very vital in the development of any child. If during these early stages of a child’s development, his brain is not allowed to think freely, its going to affect him the rest of his life. A child who has no Imagination has no wings to fly.

Give Children Toys that are powered by their IMAGINATION and not by batteries. – Jackson Brown

Colgate has come up with a very interesting and new concept of inspiring the creative nerves of a child. Their new Colgate Strong Teeth packs come with interesting sea creatures and some trivia inside them. Kids can cut, explore, play and learn. With these characters, situations and trivia information they are asked to weave their own stories around them and share with their parents and friends.

colgate magical stories
Imagination can break all Boundaries | Original Image Courtesy: Colgate and

When I gave one such Colgate pack to my kid he got really excited. He loves making paper crafts so was immediately pulled towards infinite possibilities that the characters had to offer.

I advised him that the best way here is to not play by the rules or logic and let he should let his imagination run wild. He came up with some really interesting scenarios and stories played by the characters demonstrated on the pack.

There was a Pirate captain “Blackbeard”, who was intelligent, brave and had immense knowledge of the sea. He had successfully discovered a no of hidden treasures around the world. He loved the sea. He is always passionate for more treasure maps and expedition of the sea.

Then there was his lovely wife “Sadie”, the love of his life. She was different than any other girl – while other girls used to play with their dolls as kids, she was out exploring the sea with his pirate father. She knew the sea routes very well and was a great navigator.

The vast sea is filled with countless interesting creatures. We have sea horses, dolphins, killer whales, Star fish, sting ray, octopus, tortoise,  mermaids etc. You can choose your own villein or supporting characters in the story.

Your theme could be anything a treasure hunt in an area filled with killer whales, sting ray and Octopus or saving a mermaid trapped in an underwater Castle by an evil spirit Or you can simply go on an adventure trip to find your lost tortoise just like the movie “finding Nemo”.

His imagination took him to scenarios and stories that never were and amazingly those were really interesting to hear especially with his mimicked character voices.

Isn’t this wonderful how a small pack with simple character drawings can stimulate a kid’s brain into thinking the impossible, later possibly help him in doing the impossible. What do you think?  Try to give your kids one such pack of Colgate and see what Story they weave with their imagination…

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