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The Mystical Desert Safari at Night Dubai
A Mystical Desert Safari at Night

 Three Words: Desert, Safari and Night

First of all, say these three words – “Desert, Safari, Night” and then think over them separately for a few seconds.

Got the Goose bumps? Yes, all of the three words have a mystery wrapped around them, they have the power to amaze your senses, thrill your nerves and pump up your heart beat.

 Desert Safari at Night … Let’s break them up – “Desert Safari” and “Driving at Night“.

Desert Safari:

Desert Safari Surfing over the yellow sea
Desert Safari: Surfing over the yellow sea

Desert Safari is like surfing over a yellow sea, going up and down the dunes, paddling through the waves, and leaving behind trails of dusts, joy and moments of heavenly enlightenment

Ralph Waldo Emerson said – “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – isn’t this, what Desert Safari is all about?

Driving at Night:

Driving at Night can be Daunting

At Night the calmness of the landscape, touches your inner self.  The magical black canvas starts pouring drops of twinkling stars through your windshield and your fellow traveler the Moon showers yellow marigold flowers in your path.

At Night you can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way. Just like life – with both past and future in the dark (past is of no use now and we have no idea about the future), you only live and see the present, while life unzips around you.

Now How about a combination of the two – Desert Safari at Night ?

Got the shivers again?  Huh…

My Desert Safaris at Night – Experiences of the Deadly Duo !

During my studies, doing a night shift for an MNC in the middle of an uninhabited desert was never my motivation, but this is LIFE – always there to spank you up, from all possible directions.

But time changes and so do perceptions. Now I simply love this job. Well, not fully because of what I do or what I get paid. But the opportunities I get to experience life in all its 1000 Shades of Awesomeness.

My current work location demands me to travel daily over 80 kms of desert sands. Within minutes of starting my journey, the smooth black tar roads give way to the graded roads (made by laying loose granite stones over sand). You can experience the whole world shaking around you.   

Buckle Up, because NEXT you are going to have the ride of your life !!!

The canvas outside is pitch black and you can only see as far as your headlights, when suddenly the vibration stops – no roads ahead, only tons and tons of sand all around you.  You relax to enjoy the silence but only to experience the immense G-force trying to pull you down, as the car speeds up a sand dune. You could hardly gather your senses when the car again takes a deep plunge into the trough section of the dunes. This is not over. Like this slightly modified Robert Frost Quote – “The road is wavy, dark and deep, But you have promises to keep, and Miles to go before you Sleep“.

With Adrenaline fully pumped into your veins you could just express – A W E S O M E...

The Thrill Quotient? 

 The most thrilling factor of a night safari is the suspense of what’s next – you have no idea of the size shape or contour of the sand dune ahead of you. You are just driving into the unknown with your car, doing all sorts of acrobatics – climbing, rolling, skidding, flying over the mystic golden sands

stop warning sign desert safari driving at night

One Vs A Caravan  ?

Most of the Desert Safaris programs from Touring Agents here in UAE pick you up at around 4 PM in the evening and drop you off by 9 PM.

I have never been to such dedicated Desert Safari caravan tours myself (what’s the use of spending 300 AED (around Rs 4000) when you can experience it daily free of cost). So I can’t tell how much they do the actual desert Safari (driving on sand dunes part) at night.

According to me, if they don’t do the Safari Driving at night then, they are definitely robbing their tourists with an exciting adrenaline possibility.

But even if they do it, dozens of vehicles going in a caravan one behind the other can’t beat my Lone Safari Nights.  

What’s the point of going on a Safari without the Pleasure of being Alone, without the Fear of getting Lost and without the Faith on your Capabilities to Handle each Difficulty?

What Do you Think ? …

PS: Desert Safaris at Night are to be EXPERIENCED under professional’s supervision. Both “Desert Safari“ and  “Night driving” are sweet poison in itself. Both have the power to encapsulate you in its Aura and then Rob you Blind.

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