Craters of the Full Moon, Night photography

A Full Moon in the night sky: clicked by Shahzad Ashraf by Nikon Coolpix L120 at full 21x zoom
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A couple of nights ago there was a full moon. The place where I live in Bangalore, India it was especially stunning. It was HUGE, and bright and shining though the coconut trees.

I took out my Nikon Camera – Coolpix L120, zoomed it to full length (21x) and took this stunning picture of the moon. When I transferred the picture to my Laptop I was amazed to find the moon resembling a peeled orange – only it was black and white. Coincidentally you can see a white spot ( west side of the picture ) with  lines running on the surface just like an Orange.

This has generated my interest on studying the moon and the first thing I came to know is that the official name for the Moon is… the Moon. I know it’s a bit confusing, but the only real name for the Earth Moon is “the Moon”.

When the Moon was assigned its name, astronomers had no idea that there were other moons orbiting other planets. And so they just called it “the Moon”. But now that it’s well know there are other moons in the universe, it all comes down to the capitalization of characters in the name. The Earth’s moon is referred as “the Moon”, with a capital “M”. While other moons of the universe are given a lowercase “m” to show the difference.

Hope I will encounter many of such interesting facts during my study ….

 On an Another Day … I clicked another picture of the Moon – this time of a Half Moon

Half Moon with Nikon L120 at night
Half Moon in night sky with Nikon L120 at Night

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