A Darjeeling to Remember!

Why Travel?

…… because Travel is the ONLY thing You buy, that makes you Richer
Most of us are stuck in a monotonous job routine with nothing interesting or out of the ordinary happening to remember in a year from now (forget 10 years ). Life is not just about living and toiling to pay our bills – It is much much more…

Life is about getting out of our comfort zones. Its about exploring the beauty and surprises that nature has sprinkled all over the earth.  Life is to travel, and be filled with happiness, peace and tranquillity to the very cores of our heart and soul. Life is about experience, adventure and moving on…

You Don’t need magic to disappear… all you need is a Destination:

The World is a huge place with unimaginable number of interesting places to visit. No “One Trip” or maybe No “One Life” is sufficient enough to experience all of them. So, the best way to figure out places to visit is by choosing a location best suited for the time of the year.
Its summer time and so to escape this summer heat, me my friends are planning to visit the Queen of Hills” – Darjeeling, for which Mark Twain famously said:

“The one land that all men desire to see, and having seen once-by even a glimpse would not give that glimpse for the shows of the rest of the world combined” – Mark Twain

The Hill station, Darjeeling is a gateway to nature in all its youthful beauty and charm. Hills, Trees and Flowers are everywhere. The days are cold and the sun plays hide and seek, peeping through clouds and trees. It is the Home of the famous “Darjeeling Tea”. Who can forget its marvelous taste and aroma which is revered by connoisseurs across the globe.
Darjeeling is known for its Six Ts: Tea, Teak, Tourism, Toy Train, Tiger Hill and Trekkers


First of All Meet My Crew :

  • Zeeshan: Our Main driver and a self proclaimed car expert. In-charge of our transportation arrangements .
  • Misbah: Our mobile ATM and financier. Of course. He is responsible for taking care of all our monetary need during the trip.
  • Afroz: The Food Expert. Everything about Food, snacks and Drinks on the way or during our stay in Darjeeling comes under him.
  • Me: The Guide  – I am not bond but feel like one with these Bond-007 Gadgets. Paper maps, GPS enabled mobile, Gazillion songs on iPod and USB, Binocular, Camera and a whole arsenal of batteries. In short, you will never get lost with me.
Zeeshan , our Car expert has suggested to rent “Toyota Innova” as it as reliable, comfortable and has ample seating and booting space for the four of us . And we can’t argue on that. So Toyota Innova It is…

Our Route:

We will be driving from our home town Ranchi (Jharkhand) to Darjeeling (West Bengal) via Hazaribagh, Banka, Purnea and Silliguri.
Ranchi to Darjeeling Route
©Google Maps: Ranchi to Darjeeling Route

The Adventure List:

Darjeeling is known for its Six Ts: “Tea, Teak, Tourism, Toy Train, Tiger Hill and Trekkers”; and we would try to experience each one of them.
We will walk across tea plantations and Teak forests, do a tour of how the famous Darjeeling tea is processed. We will also be boarding the Toy trains running on century old miniature steam engine and chugging through hills and mountains of serene beauty. We also have a 3 days trekking expedition planned.
We also plan to go to “Tiger Hill” which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is the highest Railway station on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. It is said to have the most beautiful panoramic view of Mount Everest together with Mt. Kangchenjunga. I hear that the sunrise there is very breathtaking.

Darjeeling!!!   Here I come ….


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