5 Places to Visit to Explore the Sense of Smell !

Can the flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in the past set off a Road trip around the World ?  Lets Find Out …


The Butterfly Effect – A cocktail of Science and History

Blue tailed Bee-eater

This story starts some 200 million years ago, when all the seven continents huddled into one big land mass called Pangaea, the super-continent.

The future was scripted. One Day, a butterfly will flap its wings –  one thing will lead to another and the entire earth will be jolted by severe earthquakes, breaking up the super-continent. The shattered pieces will then slowly drift apart to form the seven continents separated by water as far as the eyes can see.
But at the critical moment Destiny intervened. As the butterfly was about to flap its wings. A bee-eater swooped down and plucked the butterfly off the face of Nature.

The Pangaea didn’t break. No one.. not even the bee-eater realized that, on that day a new script was written – 200 millions later “My Road Trip around the World “.

I don’t See Any Borders … Do You ? 

So the World didn’t breakup, there is a newone world” order in which I am a global Citizen. I am Free and thinking about a Road Trip … 

Well, what am I thinking about ? Lets start Planning …

The Theme for the Road Trip

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The World is a gigantic place with unimaginable number of interesting places to visit. No “One Trip” or maybe No “One Life” is sufficient enough to see all of them.

So, the best way to filter out places on the map is by choosing a theme.

The Theme for our Road Trip will be “Exploring the Sense of Smell

We will go to places around the World, Close our Eyes, take a Deep Breath and let Nature do all the Talking …


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The Route and The Destination

The 5 Destinations on our Road Trip:

  1. The Sky Breeze on Indian Mountains.
  2. The Lavender Gardens of England.
  3. The Dragon Fruit in the Canals of Thailand .
  4. The Citrus Jungles of Brazil
  5. The Springs of New Zealand.

The Route was designed taking in mind – 

  1.  It touches all the above 5 Smell Destinations.
  2. It covers all the 7 continents of the present World.
  3. It marks the Symbol of Infinity on the face of Earth.

There are only two Mistakes We can make along the Road to Infinity – Not going all the way and not Starting.
 1. Sky Breeze on the Indian Mountains:

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Our Journey to Infinity started by trekking the great Indian Mountains. 

We climbed to the peak, outstretched our hands, closed our eyes and took a deep breath…

Amazing !!!  you could feel the cool mountain air ignite a sudden thrust of freshness inside your tired body. 

 Your loose cloths dangling in the wind bless you with The Wings of Freedom. You wish you could crumble to pieces and spread over the Heavenly view.

2. The Lavender Gardens of England

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After experiencing the Mountains of India, we set out for the Lavender Gardens of England. 
On the way we came across the Desert roads of the Sahara, crossed the River Nile in Egypt and drove through the Streets of Paris and Rome.

Then we saw the Mesmerizing view of the Lavender Gardens. We walked through miles of Lavender on either sides of the road, with nothing but only the Horizon in front of us. 

The lavender laced aromatic wind tickled all over my face, calmed my erratic nerves and whispered in my ears – “Relax…. ” 

You haven’t Lived until you drove Cross-country on a Car, sticking your Head out of its Sunroof with a big Grin on your Face and had a ‘Bug’ fly into your mouth.

3. The Dragon Fruit from The Canals of Thailand
After being enthralled by the Magic of Lavender, we set out for the exotic tropical destination of Thailand.

We drove through the coldness of the Siberian Desert, the terror of “Mangolia”, the vastness of China and finally reached “The Land of Free – Thailand

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The Winding canals of Thailand lined with Dragon Fruit were an exotic feast for our senses. 

The scent of a Dragon fruit on your platter will awaken your senses, and leave a Fresh and light tropical impression on your memory-map – The Feeling of Holiday, Romance and Escape.

Ever wonder How a Vacation Smells like ? Yes…… It Smells like this !!!

4. The Citrus Jungles of Brazil

After Exotic Thailand we turned our compass to Brazil, not for its Soccer but for the “Scent of  its Fresh Citrus Fruits”.

On the way we tread through the “Great Silk Route” of ancient World in Kazakhstan, icy terrains of Greenland, the Swamps of Canada and the Cities of America.

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We reached the “Jungles of Eden ”  beholding the mighty power of orange draped trees, baiting you like the “Forbidden Fruit“.  

Spelled by the sorcery of the swinging pendulums in the wind, we grabbed the forbidden fruit and sniffed…

The Soft Oriental smell, did wonders on our senses, stimulated awareness and cured chronic fatigue – a much needed revitalization from the long journey.

5. The Springs of New Zealand

Revitalized… we set out for our final destination of the Trip – New Zealand. We survived the dense equatorial forests of Africa and the biting cold of Antarctica only to be be stunned speechless by the beauty of Nature.

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We stood beside the raging stream of Amrit (nectar of immortality) with moss covered rocks as a light spray of refreshing fresh water knocked goosebumps all over our skin. 

Enthralled by the opportunity, the Eyes forgot to blink,  the Heart stopped beating, the Lungs went miser and the charged Ears started recording every burst of Acoustics available.

The Road Trip was Enchanting… We were Wonderstruck, intoxicated all our way back Home. We decided – “We will do this again !!!


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