Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Pirates of Imagination !

What's every parent's Dream?  

Every parent's dream is to see their child grow up to be happy, healthy and successful. Growing up should not only be about growing of their outer physique but also their inner imagination and creativity.

 Logic will get you from A to B, IMAGINATION will get you everywhere - Albert Einstein.

For a child's true development, Imagination is very vital to be nurtured at an early stage of his childhood. The more the brain is used and exploited during these tender years the higher are the chances of him to be successful in life.

Colgate has come up with a very interesting concept of stimulating the creative areas of a child's brain. Their new Colgate Strong Teeth packs come with interesting sea creatures & some trivia inside them. Kids can cut, play & learn. They are encouraged to weave their own stories around these characters and share them with their parents and friends.

I also happen to get one such pack for my kid. I asked him to follow the instructions given on the pack and come up with some interesting story line based on the characters demonstrated on the pack. Here is what he came up with:

#ColgateMagicalStories: The Pirates Ship
 Once upon a time there lived a Pirate called "Blackbeard". He was famous for being the bravest and best treasure hunter the land has ever seen. His beautiful wife "Sadie" was the love of his life and had deep knowledge of the vast ocean and seas. They made a remarkable pair and had a lot of success in discovering hidden maps and treasures. They had a pet parrot named "Arrow" who can talk like a human and fly like an eagle.

One day they come across an old map of a hidden treasure buried in the shallow waters of  'Deathbay'. The map ran across some treacherous routes spotted with dangerous sea creatures and harsh weather conditions. While any other faint hearted pirate would have abandoned the hunt,  Blackbeard and Sadie had some other ideas. The journey to Deathbay was going to take around one month, but owing to the difficulty of the journey they filled up their ship with supplies worth 3. 

The next day they started their journey. Be it sunshine, rain or high wind they continued sailing nonstop. On the eighth day they reached the land of the Killer Whales. Here lived Orca, the largest member of the dolphin family. With Sadie's help on the telescope, Blackbeard steered cautiously through the killer whales taking care that they don't get frightened and damage the ship. 

On the 22nd day they reached the land of dolphins. They could see the friendly dolphins playing in groups called pods. Blackbeard new that the journey till now was easy ahead lies the area of the deadly stingray, on the middle of which was the treasure guarded by an octopus. Sadie knew the sea well, She knew that dolphins migrate this time of the year to warmer waters. They are also very smart and will be quite helpful in taking them near the treasure which was located on their route to the warm area called 'Paradise land'. They followed one such migrating pods of dolphins and bypassed the land of stingrays through a narrow channel which only the dolphins knew. 

The treasure was guarded by a large octopus. Blackbeard was prepared or this. He brought with him a 'bubble gun'. With its help they would make loud noise and bubbles to scare the octopus away from the treasure. Blackbeard carefully dived into the shallow sea and started the bubble gun. The plan worked. As soon as the octopus ran away Blackbeard quickly loaded all the treasure on the ship. The treasure was huge. Blackbeard and Sadie had another successful treasure hunt.


The story was great. What do you think?  Try to give your kids one such pack of Colgate and see what Story they weave with their imagination...



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