Sunday, February 1, 2015


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Phone calls or Chat?

 You are sitting at your work desk all busy and tensed over completing your assignment under the assigned due time, or you are sitting inside your classroom during an important lecture or you are with your friends and family having an amazing time when suddenly your phone rings. You take out your mobile phone see an unknown number...... What do you do ? More often than not you either cancel the call or let it ring (in silent mode off course).

Of the many modes of communication - phone calls, video chats and emails - text messaging is a popular (and sometimes preferred) way to conversation. With the rapidly developing smartphone technology and new innovative platforms, chatting has become much easier and fun.

Here are a few reasons why we prefer Chat over a Phone call...

1. Phone calls are more personal than Chats

Phone calls are personal. When someone known calls you from your contact list you are happy to entertain their calls - they might be your family, old/new friends, lover etc.

Unknown numbers don't get the same kind of enthusiasm. More often than not they are either not received or hung up.

2. Phone calls have to received in real time while Text messages can be replied anytime:

Phone calls have to be replied immediately. If somehow you fail to pick up a call, calling back to a known number is easy but dilemma occurs when there is an Unknown number - Should I call or Not ? In our busy schedule more often than not we fail to call back an unknown number.

Texting is convenient... when someone texted you and you are busy at the moment you reply him/her back at your convenience. Unknown numbers don't get ignored. Texting is a wonderful way to start a conversation especially with unknown persons.

3. Phone calls with strangers can be awkward.

 When you are talking to a stranger for the first time (or the nth time) its often awkward. You are heavily altered by etiquetes  and in order to please someone or to be considered nice, more often than not you do something stupid. This issue is further aggravated by network issues. Any conversation can get really awkward if you start saying - sorry I couldn't here what you said or say that again or please say that louder etc...

Chatting reduces the uneasiness or the phobia of talking to strangers. In chatting you can be yourself. You can think and make an informed reply. Somethings are better written than said. Its much easier to initiate a conservation to a stranger using a text just like its much easier to write a love letter and hand it over to your lover telling him/her how much you love than telling him/her in person.

Do you prefer to get a text message or a phone call if someone wants to reach you on your cell phone?

This post is written for QuickrNXT  - whose texting features has the potential to ransform India's online classifieds market as it enables users to communicate with each other at their convenience and request more details about the product or service, without requiring a single phone call.


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