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Before he goes to sleep ...

They say it takes a Village to raise a child; Well I am raising One..... What's your Superpower ?

Children are a gift from God - a gift that will rock your world upside down. With them your house will be dirty, yours wallets empty but your heart will still be at peace, smiling at their least acts of innocence.

Children are fast learners. Their behaviors are constantly influenced and molded by things happening around them. For example if you follow a common predictable pattern every night before putting them to bed, they get accustomed to the routine and start taking them as signals of the 'sleep fairy to come'.

A good night's sleep goes a long way in proper mental and physical development of a child. But If you have ever raised a kid then you are aware that the most challenging job for any parent is getting them to sleep. If not done properly they will not only take a lot of time to doze off but also constantly wake up in middle of the night and will not be fresh during day.

A bedtime routine or ritual is not only good for the kid's development but also becomes a wonderful bonding ground where you can spend some precious fun time with your kid - playing, singing dancing before finally giving him a good night's kiss and putting him to sleep. This bedtime ritual will help the kid to go into sleep mode easily, have a relaxed sleep and be fresh during the day.

Below are a set of bedtime rituals that I follow with my kid on a routine basis daily ...

The Setting Sun: My bed time ritual starts in the evening with the setting sun. I take my kid on the balcony and show him the setting sun and the incumbent night, while constantly showing and taking him about the how the sun and the birds are going to sleep. This gives him an understanding that everyone is going to sleep and soon he will too...

It's Dinner Time:  Some 2 hours before he is supposed to sleep, I give him his dinner. This gives his body sufficient time to metabolize and not cause any indigestion/heaviness/suffocation, which might  prevent his good night's sleep and cause health issues in the future,.

Let's have Fun: After finishing his dinner we move to the bed room and start playing with his cotton ball, his stuffed toys, power up his toy train and finally his most favorite peek-a-boo game. This drains away his excess energy and helps him calm down before sleeping.

Cleaning up and Goodnight:  After feeling that he is getting tired we stop the game. I take him to the toilet, wash his face and mouth with warm water, change his diapers and put on comfortable cloths. We say goodnight to his toys and then lie down comfortably on the bed.

A Fairy tale and some Lullaby: Lying on bed I read him books of  fairy tales and animal characters, constantly imitating like one. When he starts showing signs of sleep, I dim the lights and switch to singing him his favorite lullabies. Soon he dozes off to sleep....

"The only thing worth stealing is a KISS from a sleeping child" - Joe Houldsworth

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What are some of the fun bedtime rituals you share with your little one ? 

Share them to us here ...

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  1. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!