Friday, February 13, 2015


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An Ideal Valentine in Hand !

14th February is round the corner and "Valentine's Day" buzz has filled the lives of many young-at-heart men and women. While the lucky ones have already planned a grand celebration with their valentine's on this day, an equal number of unlucky ones (being optimistic, the real numbers might be much worse) are still trying to figure out the best qualities of their ideal valentine.

"The List" featuring the qualities of an ideal valentine has been made one time or the other by almost every one of us - while some are blatant about it others are much secretive about them. Dreams and fantasy are good, but the tricky part is where you find that ideal valentine in real life. The List is often so elaborate that it’s hard to find them in any one REAL individual. While a major number of the list is covered by some actor/actress or some unique friend or someone in your friends of friends.  A lot of features of the List still remain unchecked. Only something designed especially for me like the Asus Zenfone can satisfy all of them; Here is how ....

1. My Best Friend:
My ideal Valentine should be my best friend. Asus Zenfone with its good battery backup can be with me during ups and downs, the good and the bad days and nights without any compromise. I can watch all my favorite movies with it. When I am lonely I can chat with my family and friends, it can sing to me and play games with me. I can count on it; It is the last thing I see before I go to sleep and the first thing to see when I wake up.

2. Adventurous:
My ideal Valentine should be adventurous. Asus Zenfone is adventurous. It will stay by my side at all times. We can go together on adventurous road trips to unconquered territories using maps, click amazing quality pictures using its HD Camera. I can see what others can't see, hear what others can't hear, feel what others can't feel and do what others can't do.

3. One in a Million:
My Valentine should be one in a million - beautiful features, curves and design. Asus Zenfone will blow my friend's minds away with its features. I can show her off in parties, functions and hangouts. She can do multitasking like no others.

4. Sweet, Simple and Colourful but Intelligent:
Asus Zenfone has an intelligent user interface and technology. It doesn't need any complex understanding or process. By simplicity in usage and intelligent technical background we can enjoy our wonderful life together. With its colorful case and ceramics makeup I can personalize it according to my personality and mood.

5. Easy Maintenance:
Last but not least she should be easy maintenance. What’s the use of all the qualities of a Valentine if she takes up lot of my time and resources? Asus Zenfone is cheap to buy and easy to maintain. It will put less strain on my pocket and more Smile on my Face ...

 So what do you think about the Asus Zenfone as an Ideal valentine ?

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