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Bollywood and Indian Politics : 'All is Well' vs 'Theek Hai'

Indian politics "theek hai" or "all is well"

"All is Well" ... the three words used by Amir Khan in the famous movie '3 Idiots'  went on to become a sensation and a catchphrase with troubled youths easily relating it to themselves.  Few years later, The Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh at the end of a serious press conference said "Theek hai"... and it became another sensation, a popular hash tag on social networks and the butt of all jokes. The video editor of Doordarshan who by mistake didn't crop out the video segment was suspended (might even lost his job). 

Why ... What is the difference between "All is Well" and "Theek Hai", other than their language of pronunciation ?

"All is Well" and "Theek Hai" despite being in different languages (one an English and the other a Hindi phrase) have similar meaning - "Everything is Ok".

But What went wrong for the Indian Prime Minister and What did the Bollywood Star do right  to have two completely different reactions ?  

How can you say "everything is ok" and still sometimes be loved and sometimes be hated ?

Impressions create Impressions

Amir Khan, the Bollywood star is loved by billions of people both in India and outside. In movies he fights against villains, he does TV shows to bring out society evils in front of the camera, he does advertisements to save Tigers, Monuments, to keep our city clean and to fight against Polio. He has an impression of 'A Hero'.

Dr Manmohan Singh, sitting on the premium throne of the Indian Political System. The seat is hated by billions and yet millions will kill for it. People consider it as the reason for everything bad that happens in the Country - price hike, crime, unemployment, malnutrition, corruption .... the list is endless. But if you are Manmohan Singh its not a walk in the park, with every other day being blamed by someone (and generously highlighted by media) to be just a dummy with actual power lying somewhere else. He has an impression of "A Zero". (which i totally disagree, Read my other post - Politics Vs the New Generation)

Should a person be judged by the impression from roles in his movies or ad campaigns or how media portrays him or how others (if not more then equally) suspicious personalities  have to comment about him ?

An Exclamation (!) and a Question Mark (?)

Amir Khan said 'All is Well' and put an exclamation sign while Manmohan Singh used a question mark - Did this irk the people ?

Amir Khan in '3 Idiots' said that whenever you are in trouble, just pat your heart with your hands and fool it by saying " everything is ok! " . This will not remove your difficulties but give you the power to survive it.

In the case of Manmohan Singh, India was agitated by a series of rape cases in Delhi and at the end of a press conference,  he asked the reporters 'Theek Hai' - everything is ok ? 
To be true he asked the reporters whether they got the answers of all their queries or not ... But did the viewers took it as an insult that when the Country is boiling with rage over increased crime cases (especially against women) and the  Head of the Country is asking " EVERYTHING IS OK ? "

Are we ok with slogans that help us survive rough days Or should something be done altogether to remove darkness and bring light to our lives ?

The Power of Words

A famous saying about the power of words in Hindi goes on like "yeh bhaat bhi khilati hai aur laat bhi !" - Words if sweet can give you food but if harsh can get you beaten up. Words not only have the power to inspire a bunch of sleepy heads to become a revolution but also the potion to calm down a rampant Mob. But be careful, Words should not fool us into a false "feel good factor" and wait for difficulties to pass by... sorry, but the real word doesn't work that way.

Every Government is as powerful as its Country and every Country is as powerful as its weakest citizen. 

A government on its own can't do anything it need support from the fellow citizens of the country. Politicians rambling stupid comments on each other or people just disgusting the government, blabbering on social networking site sharing, liking, tweeting will not do any good. This is not a virtual game like the "Rise of Nations" where by a few clicks we can go from one era of development  to another but a real world where we have to go out of our comfort zones and fight - not against the government but with them, because to be true "No Government and I repeat No Government has a magic wand that will just shoo away all our problems".

Have a stand, be responsible on what you do or say, let good people come out in the political system, support your government (whoever it is) and bring Change. And yes... don't forget to shout slogans and sing the whole time, because words have power !!!

Do you know what Manmohan Singh had to say about this post - Read it Here.


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