Wednesday, May 8, 2013



How to resume Youtube video Downloading from IDM ?

What do you do if you need a Video?  - Well 90% of us will type in our browser.

You liked a video and want to download it - what to do next ?

Read - How to Download Youtube Videos through Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Well... you started downloading but something went wrong and you had to resume the IDM downloads. To your horror you see the following pop-up -

Now what - Most of us will try to go back to the web page and start download all over again :(

But what about a better way - How about the power of Resuming my downloads from the point it stopped and not the full file allover again ???

Here is the way - Read on...

Step 1: Open Internet Download Manager or IDM and right click on the file you want to download. Go To Properties.

Step 2:Copy the Referer url (highlighted portion)
Copy the Referer url (highlighted portion)
Step 3: Open your browser (IE, Mozilla, chrome etc) and paste the Url in the navigation bar. click Go (or just enter).

Step 4: Copy the new download link for the page.

Step 5 : Paste it in the Address bar of your video's IDM properties window.
Paste the new download link in the Properties window - highlighted

Step 6: Click OK.

Step 7: Now goto IDM homepage,  right click on video you want to resume download and click Resume Download

Step 8 : Wait a couple of seconds ..... Hola !!!! download resume is successful ... ENJOY

Did you succeed OR are you having any other problem while downloading - Feel free to express it here in the comment section...


  1. It didn't work for me the same error again...:(

  2. hey ... i cant find the referer url in my broken video .. what i want to do.. tell me