Monday, December 31, 2012



Shoppers Stop : Lets Start a New Online Love Story

It’s a love story, so we have got two very charming, beautiful and out of the world personalities.

The beautiful Ms 7027975_9308

 First let’s talk about the beautiful lady – Ms 7027975_9308

She is a full sleeve, comfort fit, 100% Cotton Stripes Shirt from the famous LY Sports collection family. And if you are a “Kya Kool Hai Hum” type of guy then a secret for you – she also has a Louis Philippe Logo on her chest.

The Charming Mr 6986934_8408

Then enters the dashing hero - Mr 6986934_8408

A Wrangler-Mens Flyod Fit Stretch Jeans in Riviera Wash and a Leather Tape Detailing on his Back Pocket.

 How they Meet?

What a better meeting scene – our Hero and Heroine collide, they gaze at each other … they smile … they shake hands … and there is LOVELOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

Soon they become friends on the famous networking site – They chatted … they texted …and they tweeted. With every passing day their Love increased exponentially. Soon they decided to get married.

The Search for a House:

They started searching for a new house. Days passed but they couldn’t find anything good.  Then one day they see ME standing all alone at the end of a street. It was Love at first sight all over again.

Then came the hard part – to make me worth a place to live (the previous tenant used me as a store house for its “Engineering” goods). A lot of cleaning and polishing work had to be done. They washed me and applied some LOreal Paris paint ( 3599296_9999) on my face. 

Decorating the House:

They shopped together and started decorating the house.

The Wedding Day:

The festive season is approaching and the house (Me) looks stunning. I am all confident with the finely collected ensemble. And when I notice my neighbors staring at my aura, a virtual banner pops up in my mind saying  - "Buri Nazar Walon, Sabka Muh Kala" ... hahaaaah

PS: This post is written for Shoppers Stop sponsored - The Perfect Festive Look Contest, on IndiBlogger.


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