Wednesday, November 21, 2012


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Straight Hair in 2592000 Seconds...

It all started with an invitation dropped like a letter bomb into my Happy, Carefree, Routine life.

|| Miss / Mrs / Mr XYZ has invited you for a War Party. ||

BOOM….. My Life will never be the same again (at least till the war party is over).

First a little bit about my Hair - It's not straight as I would like it to be and it's not curly so that I have no choice but to shorten them and leave them to their will but it is somewhere in between - like frozen black waves or as if someone electrocuted a cat and it died on my head.

I wonder why people say that "The first thing people notice about a man are his shoes". In my case I believe it's always my hair.

"If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail". So let's Plan...

Get Professional 

 You are going to a War so the first thing get professional and have a military cut hair style. The length of hair left on your hair should be inversely proportional to  the number of days left in the war party.

Caution: Be prepared to see some puzzled, sad faces when you first face your friends. Inform them that everything/everyone is Ok in your family and you are just trying the Gajini hair style (without the visible road on the side of your head).

Water your own side of the fence

People say that "The grass on the other side of the fence is greener" but what they forget is to water the grass on their side of the fence. So now is a god time to apply some heavy amounts of hair gels and oils on your hair.

Caution: At this stage there is so much of flammable materials on your head that its advisable to stay out of open flame least your hair catches fire.
The dog's tail in a Pipe:

Constantly wet you hair with water, comb them into a straight position and press them into place with a help of a cap.

Caution: If you are not a Himesh Reshammiya fan this will be difficult but suppress your ego and put on a cap.

The day of the war Party:

I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner. Then I applied some hair gel and started combing my hair. It was a tussle between my hair, my comb, my heart and my brain. The brain says it's Ok but the heart denies it. My hand constantly drives the comb through the hair in quest of a stroke of luck where every hair falls exactly in place...

It's getting late and my friends are shouting outside for me to come out fast. After some time (which felt like eternity to my friends) I was out of any possible permutations of hair patterns. Somehow I was able to agree both my heart and mind on a pattern (I can't call it a hair style) and rushed out of my house.

"What took you so long" asked one of my friend.
"Combing my hair" I replied in a whisper.
To this there was a sharp cry in unison "Why did you take so long. It doesn't matter whether you comb your hair or not. It looks exactly the same".

Oh GOD.... either award them with twisting serpents on their head just like mine so that they understand my pain OR give me some Magic Potion** to make my hair straight.

- x -

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