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How to add Big Rock Domain name to Blogger : error and solutions

Hi Friends,

Today I will be talking about - How to add a domain Name bought from BigRock to your Blogger / Blogspot account.

Well first of all you have to have a domain name. If you don’t have a domain name, click here to buy one from BigRock’s Website.

Once you have purchased your domain – Let’s see how to configure it to redirect to your Blogger or Blogspot page.

Simply follow the following steps – that’s all nothing else is required:

Step 1. First of all Login to your account (Click the top right corner link named – "My account" on BigRock's home page).

Step  2.  Once you are Logged in. Hover over "Domains" menu tab (from the horizontal dropdown navigation - menu) and then click on "List All Orders". A list showing all your domains will be displayed.

Step 3. Click on the domain name you wish to configure with blogger/blogspot.

Step 4. Click on the “DNS management (free)” tab (found on the right vertical navigation - menu) and then on "Manage DNS".

A pop up window will open – logging you to “manage records for”

Note: To configure the domain we have to add entries on this page.

Step 5. Click on CNAME Records and then on "ADD CNAME RECORD".

We will now add two CNAME records one with the www prefix and the other without the www prefix.

Note: Adding two CNAME records would allow us to point both and to your blogspot blog. Thus even if someone does not type in the www prefix, he would be able to access your blog.

Step 6. Adding the CNAME Record

1. With the WWW prefix

For Host Name - type "www"
For Value type in "" (within the space provided for typing in a fully qualified domain name)
Leave TTL to the default value(38400 seconds).

Then click on Add Record and you record would be saved.

2. Next we have create another record without the www prefix

Again click on Add CNAME record.
For Host Name enter nothing (keep it blank)
For Value type ""
Again Leave TTL to the default value(38400 seconds)

and then Click on Add Record

Errors: If an error comes – A duplicate entry in “A records” or “AAAA Records” or “NS records” … etc already exists. Don’t worry – simply click on those record links, search for duplicate entries and delete them. Then return back and add the above  two “CNAME Records”.

Step 7. The final step is link the domain to your blogspot blog.

Go to your blogger dashboard and click on settings and then on publishing. Next Click on "add a  custom domain" and then on "Switch to advanced settings".

Here enter your domain with www prefix as and hit the save button. Click on the publishing tab again and select Redirect to


NOTE: It would take some time (upto 48 hours but usually lot less than that) for the domain settings to propagate across the internet.

If You have any more Doubts or Errors - Comment here ... I would be happy to help

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