Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Big Rock January 2012 Discount Coupon (get upto 25% off)

Hi Friends ..... Last night I bought a domain name from BigRock . They offered me a discount coupon of up to 25 % on my next purchase from the site. As I will not be using it in the near future and the fact that it will expire soon I am offering the coupon code to you.

Use the coupon code "shahzadashraf.com" (without the quotes) as shown in picture below and get up to 25% discount on your purchase .....

Enter "shahzadashraf.com" in the box provided

I would love to hear your feedback ... so You can comment here. I will be happy to help.

Thanks everybody ..... Have a happy buying experience !!!


  1. How to make it work as 25%, did not get the DIY thing!

  2. By this coupon - You can get 10% off on Domain Names, 20% on Hosting and 25% on DIY ....

    Sorry couldn't understand - "did not get the DIY thing!".

    Can You elaborate ...

  3. its wonderful and amazing BigRock ^_^ Mind Developing

    Best of the Luck

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