Monday, December 19, 2011



Politics Vs the New Generation

 While I was sleeping on the upper berth during my train journey to Bangalore, I woke up hearing a commotion in my compartment. Two collage students were talking of politics, one said to the other – “Manmohan singh is just a puppet, Sonia Gandhi is the real Prime minister of India”. Hearing this, an old man interrupted in between “I didn’t expect such a comment from educated men”. The student accused the old man of being a Congress supporter. A verbal war filled the compartment.

Why is there such a difference between the Old and new generation?
Why the new generation doesn’t want to enter politics?
Why the new generation thinks politics in a mud pit and has absolutely no idea what it is?
These questions filled my mind …

Then I questioned myself “Why I don’t like Politics?” and the answers tumbled out.

A field to be popular should have some role models for you so that you like them , fantasize about them or even want to become like one.

Now, who would I consider my role model in the field of politics? Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Rajendra Prasad  ……. wait wait wait ….... all of them are dead. I thought and thought and thought, but couldn’t think of a single political name alive that I would consider as my role model .

The old man was right that “you young generation has absolutely no idea of politics” and he wondered “what would be the future of the nation !!!”

If the old generation has interest in politics and can talk for hours over the topic without getting bored. It’s because they have seen great politicians who could
  • Drive away the Britishers with the stick of nonviolence (Mahatma Gandhi)
  • Fight for their nation, without the fear of their lives (Subhas Chandra Bose)
  • Prepare their own food, even at the Rashtrapati Bhavan (Rajendra Prasad) - no lust for power.

Who would the new generation look-to, get motivated, enter politics and serve the nation ?

The present politics is filled with people who have come for either money or power. Everyone is running blindly in a dirty race for power so that they can fill their own pockets. No one thinks about the development of the nation and its people.
Dirty politics of India

It looks like there are two nations – one each for the ruling and the opposition. The Opposition is working according to its name - whatever the ruling party says or wants to do, the opposition has to always oppose it even if it is for nation’s development. I have never seen in my life an instance where the opposition agrees with the ruling party or vice versa - except maybe if there is a proposal to increase the salary or benefits of its members.

Cast, creed and religion are now ruling politics. Year after year corrupt politicians are sent to the parliament not on the basis of development but these three dividing factors. Ask any old man to name a few of them, and he would start rumbling for hours the different casts, creeds and religion he knows. But ask the same question to a youngster – he will say – Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Christianity after giving some thought (quoting their parents or television/newspapers …). That’s it only four, where are the others – somewhere lost between the generation transfers. The youth doesn’t consider religion as a dividing factor. The young generation doesn’t have time for all these nonsense.
Rise up and Shine !!!       

I believe that the future of India is going to be great – but the youths who are bubbling with anger over the political situations will have to wait for a tide to come that will sweep off the people ruling politics now. For that either the old generation have to step down from the political system, let the youth take over Or support them in their endeavor towards making politics clean and stop rumbling negativity about the youths because they are better.


  1. Would Love to hear Reader's View on the Topic ... So Please Comment !!!

  2. I agree Shahzad, it is difficult to find good people as politicans and even when they are there, they are so ineffective. Politics is dominated by narrow sectarian interests and greed for power/money so actually it is a vicious circle - good people won't go in, and because good people won't go in, it remains a cesspool.

  3. Exactly Sunil ... But Why these so called "good people" are not entering Politics. Because Democracy has a serious drawback - An intelligent and a fool, both are equal, both have the same power of One Vote. You will agree with me that majority of the people don't know what is right or what is wrong for them. The direct result is that the elected representatives are inefficient.

    So Voter's awareness is the key forward ... This will ensure that better people participate in the electoral process and get elected, reducing the "Dark Aura" encircling politics and generate confidence in "good people" to come forward.

  4. I feel it is much more difficult that than that - elections need money, lots of it and the the electoral fight is hardly a gentlemen's fairplay. To get down to the cesspool level of others, probably your "goodness" gets lost on the way. Probably I am exagerating but that is the usual impression.

  5. Hi,

    I agree that it is difficult to find good people in politics but If i talk about current politicians, i am very impressed with some politicians like Narendra Modi, Niteesh Kumar etc.

  6. @ Sunil ... I agree "Voter awareness" may not be able to bring totally "Clean" politicians in the system but at least it will help to select the least corrupt of them all.
    In Hindi you can say that it will help to select "Andhon Mein Kaana Raaja" ...

  7. @ Domain Names ...
    I am basically from Bihar and so I agree that Nitish kumar is the best govt that Bihar has got during the 24 years of my life (I was too small to judge the Initial 5-6 years, 15 years by Laloo govt and the rest by the recent Nitish Kumar govt).

    I have been to Ahmedabad (Gujarat) a dozen of times and seen the much talked about infrastructural development there.

    You hear and say what the biased media wants you to believe. I have seen the atrocities of the govt. on sections of people they don’t consider their vote bank. They most striking symbolism of them was when I saw two places of worship – a Temple and a Mosque roughly around 50 meters apart besides a main road. To increase the width of the road the half of the majestic Mosque was brought down while the Temple – a small cubical under a Peepal tree was left standing, in the rubble around it.

    If the Modi govt is so proud of these developments then why during the election times it has to play the so called "Hindutva Card" ? Why it is afraid to go in elections solely on development ?

  8. Agree with most of the points you said.I generally refrain from claiming that all politicians are corrupt(though most of them are).But I do recognize that their number is far too small and it does little to change the situation for the better.
    Secondly,a very serious flaw I find with the whole Indian psyche is the affinity that poeple have for money here.Blame it on the values that Indian parents inculcate in their wards or on the sheer poverty that drives them towards cheap gravy train,I sadly don't find the situation improving in the near future either.I still find my friends aspiring to become an IAS so that they can use(or rather misuse) money and power,to get into a PSU because bribe is prevalent,so on and so forth.
    To sum it up,our attitude isn't becoming any good.and it isn't for sure going to help any of us!

  9. It give us a good reading. Hopefully you'll make another one asap. Cheers!