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2011 - An Year Gained Or An Year Lost

2011 - An Year Lost Or Year Gained

It was exactly one year back when my facebook status said –“Iss saal hum apni duwaon ka asar dekhenge !!!” (This year I will see the power of my Prayers!!!).

The year 2011 passed like lightening. But did I get to see the power of my Prayers? Did my wishes come true? Did I achieve my Resolutions?

My life is a breakup of 5 things – Student/Professional + Personal + Family + Religious (Islamic) + love & Relationships.

Student / Professional Life:
1st January 2011, I was the final year student of Petroleum Engineering and Management of ISM Dhanbad. The only expectation I had was to get a good job and be self dependent.  Well, this wish got fulfilled soon (only 5 days into year 2011), when I got selected for IBM. Then again 3 months later on April Fool’s day (1st April 2011) got selected for MphasiS – An HP Company. Unluckily (or luckily) it was the time after recession and no Petroleum Companies were willing to play a gamble with the first batch of Dual Degree(Petroleum Engineering and Management) so both of companies (IBM and MphasiS) who recruited me were software (IT) companies.

So on this day 31st December 2011, I have a job at MphasiS – so now I am self dependent. But the ignorant heart still beats for returning back to my roots in the petroleum Industry - it feels like I am trapped behind enemy lines.

Personal Life:
Like in the majority of new resolutions mine also contained “joining a Gym – staying healthy and fit”.

But that didn’t work out well, maybe only a couple of weeks somewhere in February, that’s it. One year later still proudly on the top of my New Year resolution is “Joining a Gym”.

I always wished to have a camera to fulfill my passion for photography. 2011 was a great year in this regard. From my firs salary I bought a Nikon coolpix L120 camera with an awesome 21x zoom lens. Now I feel 21x closer to beauty.

Family, Friends and Relatives:
Well, now I am self dependent – so my parents are happy. When I went home a couple of times with gifts for my parents, uncle and aunt (who live with us as a happy joint family), the love, smile, satisfaction and relief I saw in their eyes were worth the trouble during the journey. Well my younger brothers and cousins they were happy to get what they demanded.

I am glad that I made my parents proud and happy. And my brothers and cousins – they are never satisfied. Believe me this time there demand list is really long. I guess I have to perform well, work harder or maybe do part-time jobs to fulfill some of those demands.

At the start of year 2011, I had a lot of friends. I still remember running to the training and placement cell every time we heard some company is coming for recruitment. The hostel life of ISM Dhanbad was awesome. I feel that those were the best days of my life. After graduating from ISM Dhanbad – I realized the meaning of the dialogue of the movie ‘Rang de basanti’ that said “Collage ke gate se bahaar nikal ke right loge to wahan se asal dunia shuru hoti hai” (true life starts after you take a right from your collage gate). This is year end and I have left with a handful of friends (even the five fingers on my right hand look too much in front of them). Hope the year 2012 bring me new friends and provides opportunity to meet the old ones I miss dearly.

Religious (Islamic) life:
Islam shows you way of life. It shows you the path of how one should live in the trifle duration of life we got here on earth.  2011 was a very bad year for my Islamic life. Carried away by all the travelling and relocations I think I missed the great Islamic way of life. In one sentence I felt very short of what Allah expects from me. Hope (Inshallah), the year 2012 will be a much better year.

One year before (and many years before that too) I did not care much about this aspect of life. It’s not that I don’t believe in Love. Yes … I believe in Love (I feel that it must be something sensational) but I don’t believe in Lovers. The fact that almost 100% so called lovers around me are ‘thaali ka baigan’ (just roll around corner to corner, girls to girls or boys to boys) didn't help to change my belief. Nothing is gained or lost in this field. I don’t know, maybe someday I will meet someone that makes me care about Love and relationships.Well I would be waiting for such a day !!!

Overall it was a mixed year. I became self dependent but paid the price with health and Islam. I still don’t care about love and relationships. But most importantly I was able to make my parents proud and happy.

Hope (Inshallah), that 2012 will be a much better year and wish that I am able to fulfill expectations of me, my parents, my friends and all those who believe in me.

Wishing all Readers A Great year 2012 … Best of Luck



  1. Life is complicated and a challenging thing, you never know whats in store for you ahead as you move further in life. Every year is a challenge and we must face it with courage; every year has its ups and downs and we must be ready for everything with a smile on face. I just wish you a blessed New Year 2012 and hope you achieve everythihg that you wish for.

  2. Thanks Elvirah ... You too Have a Great and Rocking year 2012 ...

    The beauty of life is that you don't know it's next move. It's the pebbles on the river beds that make the sweet flowing sound of a river. So be prepared for obstacles. You will be amazed to look back at the efforts you made to overcome these obstacles and the rewards you got.

    I remember a quote from the movie Hum Tum - "Ye Zindagi Bahut Lambi hai Aur Hamare Paas Waqt bahut cum". So Have fun with your life.